6 Ways to Tell When Your Ford Needs a Brake Repair

September 25th, 2021 by

Unfortunately, there are far too many things that can go wrong with your brakes, so you need to know the signs that you need a brake repair. Visiting Atchinson Ford’s Quick Lane® in Belleville, MI will ensure you get your brakes fixed promptly, but you need to make sure you call us as soon as you notice that something’s wrong with your brakes. You’ll find the common issues that can crop up with your brakes below.

The Components Look Worn Down

You can’t visually inspect the entire brake system, but you can at least take a peek at your brake pads and rotors. These are visible by looking through your wheel spokes, so try to take a look regularly. If you notice that your brake pads pair are extremely thin, then it’s time for a brake pad replacement. If your rotors have any strange markings or they seem to be warped, then it’s time to get those replaced, too.

The Brake Pads Are Screeching

As your brake pads wear away, a tiny piece of metal is exposed, and this will scratch against a rotor. It creates a high-pitched screeching noise. When you hear this noise, then you know it’s time for a brake pad replacement. Listen closely for the screeching noise while you’re driving, and try to check for it on every journey.

The Brake Pedal Is Vibrating

If the brake pedal is vibrating, then you most likely have a warped rotor. Your rotors may also be thin due to advanced age, so be sure to get your vehicle checked out if your brake pedal starts vibrating even the tiniest amount.

The Vehicle Is Taking Longer to Stop

If your vehicle taking longer to slow down, then you need to stop driving immediately. You don’t want to drive while your brakes aren’t behaving as they should. Brakes that are less responsive than normal are only going to endanger you, so get a tow truck to take you to your local dealer ASAP. We’ll make sure you can drive again in no time.

The Brakes Respond to the Lightest Touch

On the other hand, your brakes might start responding to the slightest touch. They may start jerking you to a full halt when all you wanted to do was slow down. This is going to put stress on your braking system, so it’s a problem that you want to get checked out right away.

The Vehicle Has a Brake Fluid Leak

You’ll usually notice a brake fluid leak by the appearance of a puddle of brake fluid in your driveway. Brake fluid resembles motor oil, only it’s not quite as slimy.

You’ll also notice a brake fluid leak if you’re checking your fluid levels, then you notice that your brake fluid level is lower than it should be. That’s another reason to call the dealer. However, ensure you check on your fluid levels regularly, as that’s how you’ll be able to notice when one of the fluid levels is lower than it should be.

We want you to stay safe on the road, so have a service appointment scheduled with Atchinson Ford’s Quick Lane® and we’ll get your brakes fixed right up. Be sure to watch this video from our Quick Lane® team for more information, too!