6 Ways to Tell When Your Ford Needs a Transmission Repair

October 23rd, 2021 by
Transmission Cross Section Close-Up

Your transmission is one of the most important components in your vehicle’s powertrain. So when you’re in need of Ford transmission repair, you’ll notice a significant change in your car’s performance. What are the key signs that you need a trip to the service department? Here are the top 6 ways to tell if you require a transmission repair. Visit Atchinson Ford in Belleville for a diagnosis and solution, and feel free to read more service tips with our experts!

Your Check Engine Light Turns On

One of the most common indicators of Ford F-150 or Ford Transit transmission problems is the check engine light. Many drivers will notice their engine light shining throughout their Canton commutes. This could require anything from a transmission fluid flush to a complete transmission rebuild, so it’s a good idea to get a diagnosis as fast as possible.

Your Vehicle Smells Burnt

When you’re in need of a Ford transmission repair; your car may leak fluids as you navigate Van Buren Twp. These fluids will release a burnt odor, like the smell of burning oil or burning gasoline. You’ll likely notice these unusual odors when you initially warm up the engine. Let your technician know what you’ve observed during your service appointment, so they can narrow down the problem more efficiently.

You Hear Strange Noises When You Accelerate

Your transmission plays a big role in the acceleration process, so if you notice odd noises when you hit the gas, that’s another red flag of Ford transmission problems. Many drivers report whirring, whistling, or whining sounds when they try to accelerate. This can often be the result of low transmission fluid levels, but it can also indicate problems with the transmission’s shifting system.

It is Difficult to Shift Gears

Trouble shifting gears is a classic sign of transmission problems. You might notice that you can’t shift gears as smoothly or that you notice hesitation from one gear to another. This might be a sign of low transmission fluid, but it might mean your transmission itself is starting to wear out and might require a rebuild.

The Transmission Fluid Is Dark and Smells Unusual

Transmission fluid doesn’t last forever, and it breaks down over time. Contaminants can get into your transmission fluid, causing discoloration and even strange smells. If you check your transmission fluid levels, be sure to observe the color and odor of the fluid. Schedule a service if you notice anything out of the ordinary – it might be time for a fluid flush!

Your Car Shudders When You Brake and Accelerate

Because your transmission is so important when shifting gears, you may notice major issues braking and accelerating when you need a transmission repair. Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, it’s always worth a trip to the service center if you notice issues when driving around Plymouth.

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