See Why Drivers Love the 2022 Ford Explorer

February 26th, 2022 by

The 2022 Ford Explorer is the SUV to keep an eye on in 2022. Within its mighty body, you’ll find a meticulously crafted engine, the latest in automotive technology, and comfort features galore. This may be one of the most comprehensive SUVs of 2022: the only thing this SUV can’t do is fly.

Basics About the 2022 Ford Explorer

The 2022 Explorer is a large SUV with 18” aluminum wheels and seven seats. It comes in eight different trims. Each trim comes with unique upgrades like greater horsepower, a V6 engine, or greater fuel capacity.

The base model comes equipped with a direct-injection 2.3L EcoBoost I-4 engine under the hood. The engine boasts 300 horsepower at 5500 RPM and is partnered by a ten-speed automatic transmission. The interior is filled out with maximum comfort on top of a fine-tuned undercarriage – to ensure a smooth ride.

What’s New

2022 brings the brand new ST-Line model along with adding RWD in the ST model. The ST model is pleasing to the eye, with its sporty, sleek look. The ST-Line shares that same sporty look. The major difference between the ST and ST-Line is that the ST-Line features the standard model engine. The ST comes with a souped-up 3L, 400 horsepower engine.

Interior Bliss

Every 2022 Explorer comes with exceptionally high comfort standards. You have six seats with an optional seventh in the third row. Each seat has a nice cushioning and cloth upholstery. One of the most interesting features in the new Explorer is the Tri-Zone Temperature Control.

With the Tri-Zone Temperature Control, you can control the climates of the front seats, first-row passenger seating, and second-row passenger seating. No more “Turn the heat up! I’m cold!”. With this cool new tech, you can please everybody. There are control knobs located in the second row, behind the center console, so everybody can control their own climate.

Technological Capabilities

One of the highlights of the Explorer is the Sync 3 display tablet. Using this tablet, you can easily navigate helpful menus like navigation, music, phone, and other apps. The Sync 3 offers you the ability to connect your phone using integrated Apple Car Play and Android Auto support. Music and phone calls aren’t the only benefits when you connect your phone.

With the Ford Pass app, you can control your vehicle like never before. With this app, you can lock/unlock, start/stop, and even schedule a start (especially good for cold mornings to warm your car before entering). Beyond all of that, you can even monitor the health of your vehicle by checking how much fuel is left and oil life.

Ford has a long and storied history in the U.S. for being the toughest and most reliable automaker in the country. They don’t stray from that path with the 2022 Explorer. Finding a trusty Ford may be easy but finding a trustworthy dealer may not be so easy. Take the time to visit Atchinson Ford today for trusted Ford service from trusted Ford experts.