Value Your Trade

DISCLAIMER: The “CARFAX Trade-In Value” tool is not an official or guaranteed offer for your vehicle from Atchinson Ford. The value of pre-owned vehicles varies with mileage, usage and condition, and your actual trade-in value is subject to change following an in-person appraisal.

What is My Car Worth?

“How much can I get for my vehicle?” If you’ve ever purchased a new or used vehicle and had a model to offer for trade, you’ve probably asked yourself this question. You may be wondering where to turn when you need answers to questions like, “What is my car worth?” Did you know many people go into a trade-in situation with no prior knowledge of what their vehicle is worth? This puts you at a significant disadvantage, with no negotiating power going into the transaction. At Atchinson Ford, we offer you our “Value Your Trade” tool to find out an accurate and fair market value of your vehicle – that way, there are no surprises going into the transaction.

I Want to Trade in My Car: How Do I Figure Out the Value?

So you’ve told one of the sales reps at Atchinson Ford, “I want to sell my car.” But then you suddenly realize you never got an estimate before you brought it down to our lot. Not to worry – using these easy-to-follow instructions, you can have a solid estimate to use in your negotiations. Just use this list as a guideline for our easy-to-use tool to get an accurate, fair market valuation:

  1. Select a category you’d like to use to describe your vehicle. You can choose “Plate,” “VIN,” or “Make and Model.” Choosing “Plate”  or “VIN” is likely the most convenient, as it instantly pulls up the information regarding your vehicle.
  2. If you select “Plate,” enter your license plate number and the state your vehicle is registered in. If you choose VIN, simply enter your vehicle’s VIN number. Finally, if you choose “Make and Model,” enter your vehicle make, model, and year.
  3. Click enter, and you’ll get all the appraisal information regarding your vehicle. It’s that easy!

How Much Can I Get for My Vehicle at Atchinson Ford?

At Atchinson Ford, our offer is more than generous. After you receive your estimate, we’ll do our own inspection on the vehicle, taking note of how well you’ve taken care of it and examining the interior and exterior so we can provide you with the highest possible offer. Once we’ve formulated our offer, you’ll receive a written copy, in addition to any inspection information, notating how we came up with our offer. You can choose to accept the cash payment or transfer the value toward whatever new model you’re looking at buying.

Getting an accurate price on your current vehicle couldn’t be simpler. Help yourself to some of our other tools that make your buying experience easy, including our payment calculator and online finance application. If you have any questions regarding any of these tools or our buying and selling process, contact us today, and we’ll answer your inquiries!